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I can feel the urge.
It is time for me to splurge.
As emotions, surge.

This year, I have started doodling things I’m struggling with or emotions that I am feeling.  I joined a wonderful group Heartwork Journaling University.  It is focused on self care and introspection as you process emotions.  I am using it as a tool as I work with the Lord, and a Christian Counselor, on inner healing.  I am finding that this combination is really helping me to get past the surface emotional walls I’ve built.

This doodle shows my struggle with a borderline addiction to shopping.  I really want to be a better steward with the money that the Lord has blessed me with, but I have a tendency to overspend.  I rationalize it by saying that I still tithe and I am still able to pay my bills.  But, I shop when I’m tired, stressed, lonely and frustrated.

As a recovering alcoholic and cocaine addict, I know the signs.  I know the pitfalls.  And I know the dangers of going down this road.  So, I decided that if I got my shopaholic tendencies down in black and white on paper then I couldn’t deny it anymore.  It is right here where my eyes can see!

*Technically this is not a traditonal haiku because it rhymes and it has no seasonal reference.  But it does have a 5/7/5 syllable count per line.  It’s not a Katauta either because of the rhyming.  I totally took creative license.  See Poetry Forms for more information on poems.

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